What is Aml Maple?

It is a useful tool for windows desktop computer that saves you time from typing. How? Well how many time you typed in your native language something on your broswer or any other app? The answer depends on your age. For me was probably near to million now! For other thousands. So AML Maple saved me time by just showing me the language i have as an input language.

Before i discover it i even tried to program it by my own, but why reinvent the wheel? AML Maple does it greatly. I have an English flag as i type this post on my cursor.

This tool should be native with windows. I also send Windows Feedback to have it but now it is ok.

You can try it via this link here:

Aml Maple – Active Keyboard Layout Indicator : : AmlPages.Com

Dont be scared of the oldskool design. Use it properly and you are going to love it.